The Project We explain the legislation to everyone

Legal, tax and business information is one of the biggest legal online networks in the world and the largest Romanian online law, economic & financial community, with more than 850.000 registered members and 2.800.000 monthly visitors. Working closely with the AvocatNet team I was responsible for the complete UX & UI redesign and front end development of the website and community tools.

built at softhost factory
My work
ux & ui design
front-end development
made in summer 2017

The UX & UI Design Making the blueprint


Streamline the entire experience in order to reduce friction and cognitive load


Create UI patterns and elements that can be separated and recombined


Provide the users with easy to use tools and paths to increase the conversion rate

The Front End What’s under the hood

The requirements where clear: I had to deliver a mobile first experience and lighting fast loading times. Strip down the code and assets to a bare minimum. Provide the AvocatNet develpment team with a module library in order to allow the website and community to grow into the future.

The Finished Product Everything wrapped together

After launch, the changes were positively received by over 93% of users, which is huge considering we did a complete redesign of a website that has milions of visitors. We immediately noticed both an increase in the number of unique monthly visitors and a steady groth in the number of registered users. AvocatNet is the biggest success story I have had the privilege of participating in as an essential part of the project.