The Project Modern and effective dental management

SaaS Application

DentUP is a SaaS application, which uses cloud computing and offers a less expensive and hassle free alternative to traditional dental office management systems. Available on any device and requiring only an internet connection, the software helps dental clinics with scheduling, storing patients information, billing and many other processes.

built at softhost factory
My work
ux & ui design
front-end development
made in september 2014

The UX & UI Design Making the blueprint


Understand the users and show the most relevant content for their specific needs


The UI should be consistent across all parts of the application and have a short learning curve


Allow users to be efficient and complete the tasks in the fastest and easiest way

The Front End What’s under the hood

For a project like this, building a pattern library that houses the layout modules is the best approach from the front-end perspective. It ensures that the app is consistent and easy to maintain and also allows scaling and enhancements over time.

The Finished Product Everything wrapped together

At softhost, the team was proud of building this amazing dental management tool. We were also quite impressed with ourselves for creating a rather large SaaS application in a short amount of time.

Presentation screenshots