The Project Top quality business software solutions

Business Software / Corporate

TotalSoft is a leading business software provider in Central and Eastern Europe, with over 20 years of background, supporting companies from Romania and abroad to achieve outstanding performance in their field.

built at softhost factory
My work
ux & ui design
front-end development
made in july 2015

The UX & UI Design Making the blueprint


Streamline the entire experience in order to reduce friction and cognitive load


Create UI patterns and elements that can be separated and recombined


Provide the optimal viewing and interaction experience on any device

The Front End What’s under the hood

This being a huge project, creating a collection of modules, most of them independent, was the best way for providing the client’s development department with the tools needed for future modifications.

The Finished Product Everything wrapped together

The project was a success, but building the new TotalSoft website was a big and difficult challenge. The client was also very happy with having a scalable pattern library which can be used by their team to build and expand the website over time.