The Project Single entry point for customers

Customer Service Portal

Totalsoft, the most important ERP producer in Central Europe, asked softhost to help them develop a new project focused on customer service. They didn’t needed just a website, but rather a modular system they could grow and adapt over time.

built at softhost factory
My work
ux & ui design
front-end development
made in march 2016

The UX & UI Design Making the blueprint


Create UI patterns and elements that can be separated and recombined


Allow users to be efficient and complete the tasks in the fastest and easiest way


Provide the optimal viewing and interaction experience on any device

The Front End What’s under the hood

Working closely with the TotalSoft’s team, I used Bootstrap to build the responsive page templates and a pattern library that houses the majority of layout modules.

The Finished Product Everything wrapped together

The final deliverable for the TotalSoft’s Customer Service Portal was a UI Toolkit: a well-documented collection of patterns and templates in HTML, CSS and a little bit of jQuery. This enabled a flexible production environment and helped the client’s team to build their application step-by-step.